Pajaro Valley School District Joins COPA with $10,000 Public Money

Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) recently paid $10,000 to COPA – a partisan political group formed by Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Not to be red-baiting, but IAF does revel happily in its Saul Alinsky and Communist roots and tactics. 

Pajaro Valley Unified School DistrictThe article, unfortunately titled “Pajaro Valley schools seek to strengthen community ties”, suggests that one reason for the PVUSD membership donation was that COPA “helped us greatly during the bond campaign”.  Yikes! Payback for backing a bond measure.

Live Oak School District and Alianza Charter School have also drunk the Kool-Aid along with 20 area churches. Wonder what the parishioners think.

Santa Cruz and San Lorenzo Valley school officials are adamant that they “would never do that”. Because, obviously, it’s wrong for a school or entire school district to play politics with public money. It’s called an improper use of funds.

Pajaro Valley Unified School District PVUSD a COPA School


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